[Accessibility] Updated CSUn Proposal Draft

Janina Sajka janina at a11y.org
Fri Oct 12 10:17:58 PDT 2007

Thanks, Willie, for this suggestion. For some reason I did not see
Olaf's earlier message.

Olaf, I'm sorry I missed your earlier message this week. Frankly, I
thought our teleconference with Harald had allayed your concerns on this
point. You'll recall Bill asked Harald whether he would be willing to
move closer to AT-SPI near the end of that call, and Harald agreed that
would be no problem. Of course, the language we're discussing is
language we have all previously agreed to--it's taken verbatim from our
NSF proposal.

So, since I'm obviously wrong--yet not clear on who, or to what degree,
KDE is opposed to this consensus, but also considering that our group seems
otherwise happy with the language, I think the correct thing to do is to
drop the phrase "industry consensus" for now. As to toolkig neutrality,
I think the discussion on that point has amply demonstrated the point.


Willie Walker writes:
> As a middle ground, instead of:
> "Originally developed for GNOME, the Assistive Technology Service 
> Provider Interface (AT-SPI) is the industry consensus, toolkit-neutral 
> interface between applications and assistive technologies"
> We replace "the industry consensus" with "a":
> "Originally developed for GNOME, the Assistive Technology Service 
> Provider Interface (AT-SPI) is a toolkit-neutral interface between 
> applications and assistive technologies"
> Will
> Olaf Schmidt wrote:
> >Hi!
> >
> >[ Janina Sajka, Mi., 10. Okt. 2007 ]
> >  
> >>A revised CSUN proposal draft is now available on line at either of the
> >>following two URIs:
> >>
> >>http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/Accessibility/DraftPages/CSUN2008/Draft2
> >>    
> >
> >I am disappointed to see that my corrections for the last draft have been 
> >completely ignored.
> >
> >The sentence
> >"Originally developed for Gnome2, the Assistive Technology Service 
> >Provider Interface (AT-SPI) is the industry consensus, toolkit-neutral 
> >interface between applications and assistive technologies."
> >really ought to be changed to:
> >"Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface (AT-SPI) is an interface 
> >between applications and assistive technologies for the Gnome2 desktop 
> >that integrates Java and OpenOffice in addition to Gtk2 applications."
> >
> >We have discussed the interoperability issues on this list often enough 
> >and in so much details that everyone should be aware of the problems by 
> >now.
> >
> >A technically correct summary of the toolkit-neutrality topic would be: 
> >OpenAccessibility aims to deprecate, abstract or exclude from the 
> >specification all desktop-dependent parts of the existing AT-SPI 
> >implementation, but no formal assessment of  the situation has been 
> >concluded. This work will allow future changes that achieve industry 
> >consensus on a truly toolkit-neutral implementation. The AT-SPI API was 
> >originally designed with toolkit-neutrality in mind, which will allow us 
> >to hopefully reach this goal with none or very few changes to the core API.
> >
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