[Accessibility] minutes from 16 October 2007 Open A11y Telecon

Gregory J. Rosmaita unagi69 at concentric.net
Tue Oct 16 14:39:17 PDT 2007


minutes from today's Open A11y teleconference can be found at:


a preliminary agenda for the 23 October 2007 Open A11y call can be found 


any errors, corrections or omissions from either document should be 
logged by replying to this post,

gregory. (Note: a list of resolutions and action items from today's call 

Summary of Resolutions from 2007-10-16 Open A11y Conference Call 

RESOLVED 1: follow-up meetings need to include, amongst others:
   * Harald Fernangle
   * Peter Korn
   * Willie Walker
   * Pete Brunet
   * Earl Johnson
   * Bill Hanemen
   * Olaf Schmidt
   * Gunnar Schmidt

RESOLVED 2: Open A11y's front page will be made immutable; any changes 
to page need to be effected through request to webmaster. 

Summary of Action Items from 2007-10-16 Open A11y Conference Call 

ACTION GJR: send list info to JS for Rob Taylor's subscription to a11y lists 
     * status: completed 2007/10/16

ACTION JS: ask OlafS and GunnarS to replicate EarlJ's tests on GNOME 

ACTION JS: identify someone with organized approach to take the time to 
straighten out GNOME A11y Project Documentation, possibly in conjunction 
with GJR 

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