[Accessibility] Mentioning Open a11y in an article

Janina Sajka janina at a11y.org
Tue Oct 30 06:39:39 PDT 2007

Dear Steve:

Thank you for sharing your article with us. I do think we can arrange to
host--or point to it from our web space. I'm sure the Linux Foundation's
PR office will also want to know about it. I will take care of that.

I would be happy to spend some time in today's meeting to help clarify
any points that need clarification. For myself I see only one item in
what you write below that might need rewording. With respect to KDE I
think it might be best to point to their public statements in support of
the AT-SPI mechanism and avoid any suggestion of how that support is to
be achieved architecturally, as the how is an active issue at the
moment. Perhaps a good document to point to is on our home page at:



Steve Lee writes:
> Hi, I'm writing an article for the new Python magazine,
> http://pythonmagazine.com/, that introduces Linux/Solaris
> accessibility and how python is playing apart. So it introduce the
> a11y concepts, AT-SPI, pyatspi python AT (Orca, and mentions NVDA) and
> GAIL and then gives a brief tour of accerciser. I add a simple code
> example of pyatspi as well.
> My idea was to strike while the new mag is hot and promote a11y
> showing how easy it is to test an application's a11y with accerciser.
> A follow up could look at using ATK in applciations.
> I also mention iA2 and Open a11y get a mention in the mast head.
> They have granted my a 60 day release on the article so It could live
> at open a11y if that is felt to be a good place for it (e.g it is not
> too AT-API specific).
> So I think I have room to beef up the open a11y bit and wonder if
> there is any standard blurb that I could cannibalize?
> So far I have:
> "This accessibility is built on infrastructure called Assistive
> Technology Service Provider Interface (AT-SPI) that connects
> applications and Assistive Technologies. It is available on the Linux
> GNOME desktop and used by bundled Assistive Technology programs along
> with applications that use the GTK+ toolkit. Solaris has support as do
> programs created with the Java Swing toolkit are accessible and the
> "KDE" Linux desktop is adopting and reproducing the infrastructure. On
> Windows a new Open Standard "IAccessible2" extends the basic platform
> accessibility (MSAA) to have the rich semantics of AT-SPI. Mozilla
> supports. Cross platform applications including Mozilla and Open
> Office are accessible through AT-SPI and IAccessible2 on these
> platforms.
> AT-SPI and IAccessible2 are managed by the Open Accessibility Group
> who are ensuring they stay open and useful for as many parties and on
> as many platforms as possible. They seek participation from all
> interested parties and provide resources on their website and
> community through mailing lists and teleconferences. "
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> Steve Lee
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