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Steve Lee steve at fullmeasure.co.uk
Wed Oct 31 02:34:04 PDT 2007

Thanks Marcus, from that I'll expand a little on what I say about
application side.
Is anyone else using it that you know of?


On 30/10/2007, Marcus von Appen <mva at sysfault.org> wrote:
> On, Tue Oct 30, 2007, Steve Lee wrote:
> > Sorry for increasing the traffic on this usually quiet channel but
> > does anyone know anything about the Python ATK wrapper called papi
> > which is part of OcempGUI ?
> >
> > http://ocemp.sourceforge.net/gui.html
> >
> > I've not checked the code but If it is good it would fill a gap for
> > custom widget writers.
> I'm the author of it, so I can answer any question you have.
> Papi lacks a good documentation, but I'm working on it. So far you can
> rely on any experience you made with ATK as it wraps ATK's structure in
> nearly the same way.
> In contrast to gail it is not limited to a specific toolkit, instead it
> fills the gap between the very low-level at-spi system and specialized
> high-level toolkits like gail, so pythonists can add a11y features to
> any application, be it console based or GUI-driven.
> There's no need to download the whole OcempGUI package as papi is
> shipped as a separate module (http://ocemp.sourceforge.net/papi.html).
> You also might want to take a brief glance at
> http://sysfault.org/atk.html about how to plug ATK into an own
> toolkit. It's a real early draft, which lays around there since 2006 and
> it will be improved once I laid my hands on the papi documentation. The
> paper is surely a good start for toolkit writers, who need to rely on C
> or C++ code.
> Regards
> Marcus
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