[Accessibility] Nokia to fund D-Bus based accessibility

Rob Taylor rob.taylor at codethink.co.uk
Mon Apr 28 04:01:35 PDT 2008

Janina Sajka wrote:
> May I suggest we take an upcoming Open A11y teleconference to discuss
> how best to engage the community as this migration moves forward? What
> do you think?

Sounds good to me.

> I suspect we have topics to consider:
> *	What apps need to be rewritten that will not be covered by
> *	CodeThink, e.g. gnome-speech, py-atspi, what else? How do we
> *	move these in parallel?

Well, I'd say its a little premature to rush to get a lot done in 
parallel until we have the core of the work up and running. I expect we 
will be covering pyatspi's interface as an aim is to have dogtail working.

Once the core is working and tested, it might make sense for someone to 
start on a cspi api-compatible interface, or porting applications using 
cspi (GOK and Dasher spring to mind) to the new native c AT interface.

> *	How to test on small devices--Marc's offer sounds valuable as an
> *	embedded test platform at the very least that can take us toward
> *	a11y on small and embedded devices.
> 	If you don't know his Icon device, look at http://levelstar.com

Looks cool! We should be doing some testing on Nokia N810s ourselves. It 
would be cool to port Orca to the N810 and see how well it runs :)

Again, to repeat, this is all quite a ways off yet!


> *	How can we use this work to expand the community of a11y
> *	developers in Gnome, KDE, Linux, etc.?
> Thoughts? The calendar is open at the moment.
> Janina
> Marc Mulcahy writes:
>> Let's integrate it into the Icon.  We'll do what we can to get that effort
>> rolling.
>> Marc 
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>>> This truly is wonderful news. I personally can't wait to take 
>>> some of those KDE apps for a spin with Orca, and I expect 
>>> there will be KDE based AT that will now be able to do the 
>>> same with Gnome, Open Office, and Firefox.
>>> But, there's one more aspect of this I wanted to mention. 
>>> Will notes that AT-SPI on Dbus will give us the opportunity 
>>> to add accessibility to small and embedded devices--cell 
>>> phones, pdas, etc. During the recently concluded Linux 
>>> Foundation Collaboration Summit we heard an estimate from IDC 
>>> that Linux will drive approximately 50% of all such devices 
>>> by 2012. So, we may be on the verge of an explosion of 
>>> accessibility opportunities.
>>> And, to top it all off, KDE and QT get the benefit of AT-SPI 
>>> based realtime automated testing, just like Dogtail and LDTP 
>>> are doing via the current Corba based AT-SPI. How awesomely 
>>> cool is that?
>>> Janina
>>> Willie Walker writes:
>>>> This is indeed awesome news for the community, and it's 
>>> great to see 
>>>> that the people who did the AT-SPI/DBus feasibility study 
>>> are the ones 
>>>> that will be doing the work.
>>>> Some of the major impacts of this work include:
>>>> 1) Releasing accessibility from the shackles of the out-of-style 
>>>> CORBA/Bonobo technology and into the hip with-it DBus space.
>>>> 2) Unifying accessibility infrastructure across KDE and 
>>> GNOME, paving 
>>>> the way for users to be able to use one assistive technology to be 
>>>> used to access both desktops.
>>>> 3) By shedding CORBA/Bonobo, it helps enable accessibility 
>>> solutions 
>>>> to migrate to the small device and embedded space.
>>>> All very exciting stuff!
>>>> Will
>>>> JGJones wrote:
>>>>> I came across this on Planet Gnome and thought it would be of 
>>>>> interest if no-one heard of. Apologises if you all 
>>> already know this 
>>>>> and I'm a bit slow on the uptake :-)
>>> http://blog.floopily.org/2008/04/23/nokia-funds-d-bus-based-accessib
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