[Accessibility] Nokia to fund D-Bus based accessibility

API apinheiro at igalia.com
Mon Apr 28 04:48:19 PDT 2008

> Janina Sajka wrote:
> > May I suggest we take an upcoming Open A11y teleconference to discuss
> > how best to engage the community as this migration moves forward? What
> > do you think?
> Sounds good to me.
> > I suspect we have topics to consider:
> > 
> > *	What apps need to be rewritten that will not be covered by
> > *	CodeThink, e.g. gnome-speech, py-atspi, what else? How do we
> > *	move these in parallel?
> Well, I'd say its a little premature to rush to get a lot done in 
> parallel until we have the core of the work up and running. I expect we 
> will be covering pyatspi's interface as an aim is to have dogtail working.
> Once the core is working and tested, it might make sense for someone to 
> start on a cspi api-compatible interface, or porting applications using 
> cspi (GOK and Dasher spring to mind) to the new native c AT interface.
> > *	How to test on small devices--Marc's offer sounds valuable as an
> > *	embedded test platform at the very least that can take us toward
> > *	a11y on small and embedded devices.
> > 
> > 	If you don't know his Icon device, look at http://levelstar.com
> Looks cool! We should be doing some testing on Nokia N810s ourselves. It 
> would be cool to port Orca to the N810 and see how well it runs :)
About this point, there are a existing effort about testing using a11y
on the hildon/maemo stack (I point that because I saw a comment about
that it this list a long time ago):


Although, of course, it is using the current CORBA/bonobo AT-SPI.

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