[Accessibility] Linux Foundation Announces End User Summit October 13/14 2008

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The Linux Foundation has created a new event to fulfill an important
need in the marketplace: to accelerate collaboration between end users
and community developers. We are issuing a call for participation for
qualified end users who wish to share their experiences and ideas with
the kernel development community and leaders from Linux vendors.

Join us on October 13 & 14 as the Linux Foundation holds the first
Linux Foundation End User Collaboration Summit at the Desmond Tutu
Center in New York City.  This event is gathering the leaders of the
Linux development and vendor communities to collaborate with CTOs,
architects and senior IT representatives from the largest and most
dynamic end users in the world to accelerate problem solving and
advance the Linux platform.

This is the first event of its kind to bring together high performance
end users with the highest level Linux community developers. The two
day conference will be a unique opportunity for education and
interaction between these two groups.

This event will:
* Lend end users the opportunity to learn about upcoming developments
in Linux and to maximize their investment
* Provide end users a direct connection and voice to the most senior
members of the kernel community
* Offer the kernel community direct access and knowledge sharing with
the end user community, especially advanced users of their product
* Foster technical problem solving by identifying needs of end users
coming up with technology solutions
* Educate end users on Linux advancements and the "way the community
works" along with best practices exchanges between these groups

Speakers and participants already confirmed include:
* Andrew Morton, Linux maintainer
* Anthony Williams, co-author of the best-selling book Wikinomics
* Chris Mason from Oracle
* Bernard Golden, CIO Magazine Columnist
* Jon Corbet from LWN will present the Linux Weather Forecast, a look
at where the Linux kernel is headed in the next 12 to 24 months
* Vinod Kutty, head of R&D for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, will
explain their migration to Linux
* And many more companies and senior Linux maintainers

Topics covered at the Summit will include the latest Linux
developments in file systems, systems management, performance tuning,
real time Linux and virtualization and cloud computing. The summit
will also present end users an opportunity to present their wish
lists, internal projects or ideas directly to the kernel community and
Linux vendors.

Request an Invitation:  While this event is limited to 150 to allow
for maximum collaborative opportunities, we encourage end users who
think they would benefit from attending to request an invitation.
Vendors who are Linux Foundation members can also request an
invitation to attend.

Request an Invitation:
Draft Agenda: https://www.linuxfoundation.org/events/enduser/program
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