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Thu Aug 21 09:36:01 PDT 2008

combination with any new license purchase.

If you are developing for a single platform, you will not be affected by=20
the packaging changes. If you are developing for multiple platforms, you=20
will be provided with increased flexibility to expand the platforms you=20

In case you have any questions regarding the repackaging of your product,=20
please contact your account manager or sales at, but please=20
note that there is no action required from your side.

We value our business relationship with you and look forward to supporting =

your continued success with the Qt product family.

Best regards,

Tom Miller
VP of Worldwide Sales


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<br><font size=3D1 color=3D#800080 face=3D"sans-serif">----- Forwarded by P=
Brunet/Austin/IBM on 09/10/2008 04:07 PM -----</font>
<table width=3D100%>
<tr valign=3Dtop>
<td width=3D40%><font size=3D1 face=3D"sans-serif"><b>Trolltech &lt;no-repl=
y at;</b>
<p><font size=3D1 face=3D"sans-serif">09/10/2008 02:27 PM</font>
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<table width=3D100%>
<tr valign=3Dtop>
<div align=3Dright><font size=3D1 face=3D"sans-serif">To</font></div>
<td><font size=3D1 face=3D"sans-serif">Pete Brunet/Austin/IBM at IBMUS</font>
<tr valign=3Dtop>
<div align=3Dright><font size=3D1 face=3D"sans-serif">cc</font></div>
<tr valign=3Dtop>
<div align=3Dright><font size=3D1 face=3D"sans-serif">Subject</font></div>
<td><font size=3D1 face=3D"sans-serif">Trolltech Agreement Assignment and R=
<tr valign=3Dtop>
<br><tt><font size=3D2>Dear Customer:<br>
I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the progress of
the Nokia acquisition of Trolltech and to provide you with information
regarding some exciting product changes and special offers.<br>
--- Acquisition and Business Transfer ---<br>
As you are most likely aware, Trolltech ASA, on behalf of itself and its
affiliates, (Trolltech) has entered into an asset purchase agreement with
Nokia Corporation (Nokia) to sell substantially all of the assets of Trollt=
(the Acquisition). &nbsp;We are excited about the prospect of joining forces
with Nokia and continuing the relationship with you following the completion
of the Acquisition.<br>
In order to continue our relationship following the Acquisition, it is
necessary to assign the licensing and other related agreements (Agreements)
from Trolltech to Nokia or the relevant Nokia affiliate. &nbsp;The purpose
of this notification is to inform you of the assignment of our Agreements.<=
Any existing agreements between you and Trolltech, Inc. will be assigned
to Nokia, Inc. under the same terms and conditions as are contained in
the Agreements between you and Trolltech, Inc. &nbsp;Any existing agreements
between you and Trolltech ASA will be assigned to Nokia Corporation under
the same terms and conditions as are contained in the Agreements between
you and Trolltech ASA. &nbsp;The assignment of all Agreements shall be
effective September 27, 2008.<br>
As of September 27, 2008, all rights, obligations, title and interest in
and to the Agreements shall belong to the relevant Nokia entity (as describ=
above) and Trolltech ASA and/or Trolltech, Inc. shall be released of all
its rights and obligations under the Agreements.<br>
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the assignment of the
Agreements, please contact Cristy Hamley at cristina.hamley at<br>
--- Improved Bundling and Packaging of Qt and a Special Offer ---<br>
On September 27, 2008, in connection with the business transfer to Nokia,
we will be introducing a simpler packaging and new price structure for
all products.<br>
The key objective with the repackaging of our products is to meet the incre=
demands for cross-platform development, as well as simplify and adjust
the pricing accordingly. &nbsp;In line with this, we will also introduce
a new product bundle, Qt - All OS, that contains all platforms (Microsoft
Windows=AE, MacOS=AE, X11, embedded Linux=AE and Windows CE).<br>

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