[Accessibility] Text attributes issues

Willie Walker William.Walker at Sun.COM
Tue Dec 9 08:14:28 PST 2008

Hi Pete:

Thanks for doing this analysis and writeup.  Very useful.  As we saw 
earlier this summer, normalization of text attributes is important 
across toolkits (e.g., GTK+, Gecko, Java, OOo) as well as across platforms.

>> Will, I don't know what to say about the Linux spec other than I know 
>> there is some pressure from Marco and Aaron to change it. 

It would be great if Aaron and Marco could come up with a list of 
proposed changes.  Are they working on this?

Thanks again!


Pete Brunet wrote:
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> Aaron, This is the list of text attributes issues:
> Existing entries in Mozilla's bugzilla
>     * text-indent and text-align should really be object attributes -
>       _https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=460932_
>     * font-size text attribute should be exposed in pt units -
>       _https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=467146_
>     * IAccessibleText::caretOffset should return -1 if the system caret
>       is not currently with in that particular object -
>       _https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=448744_
> Other Mozilla issues
>     * The Mozilla spec for the language attribute refers to IETF RFC
>       1766 not IETF RFC 3066 (which obsoletes 1766). The Mozilla spec
>       probably needs to be changed.
>     * In the Mozilla spec, font-weight has values of bolder, lighter,
>       and inherit while IA2 doesn't. These probably need to be removed
>       from the Mozilla spec.
>     * auto-generated and writing-mode aren't documented.  You mentioned
>       there were bugs opened for this but I couldn't find the bug numbers.
> IA2 issues
>     * text-position with no offset uses the term "baseline" vs 0. It
>       looks like IA2 should reference the CSS2 vertical-align spec, not
>       the ODF spec.
>           o Do you want to change the name of this attribute to
>             vertical-align?
>           o I propose the value list contain only baseline, sub, and
>             super and not the rest (top, text-top, middle, bottom,
>             text-bottom, <percentage>, <length>, inherit).  I don't
>             think an end user will care about the nuances of exactly how
>             far above or below the baseline the text is.
>           o I propose we drop the existing second parameter in the IA2
>             spec which specifies the size of the font of the
>             sub/subscript.  That can be covered via the font-size
>             attribute.
>           o The default can be baseline.  (It was 0%.)
> Other comments
>     * In the Mozilla spec, many of the attributes (like font-family,
>       font-style, and font-size) refer to CSS 1, 2.1, and 3 while IA2
>       only refers to CSS 2.  I'd prefer to keep the IA2 spec referencing
>       CSS2 because 2.1 and 3 are not at Recommendation state yet (as far
>       as I can tell).
> I'd appreciate it if Marco could take a look at the two specs and see if 
> he can spot any issues.
> Will, I don't know what to say about the Linux spec other than I know 
> there is some pressure from Marco and Aaron to change it.  Are there any 
> issues with using the IA2 spec?  Note that the IA2 spec is mostly based 
> on CSS2, plus one case each of an attribute based on WAI-ARIA and XSL 
> 1.1.  However, there are several attributes based on ODF which are 
> needed to provide access to ODF docs:
> text-line-through-mode, text-line-through-style, text-line-through-text, 
> text-line-through-type, text-line-though-width, text-outline, 
> text-shadow, text-underline-mode, text-underline-style, 
> text-underline-type, text-underline-width
> I didn't mention text-position because, as mentioned above, I'm 
> proposing that we refer to the CSS vertical-align spec instead of the 
> ODF spec.  (I've also asked the ODF office list why they are using a 
> non-standard attribute when text-position is so close.
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