[Accessibility] minutes from 2008-12-09 and upcoming meeting schedule

Gregory J. Rosmaita oedipus at hicom.net
Wed Dec 10 07:08:54 PST 2008

aloha, all!

minutes from the 9 December 2008 Open Accessibility teleconference
are available for review at:


as usual, please report any errors, mis-attributions, corrections, 
clarifications and the like by replying to this announcement on-list

the LAST Open A11y meeting of 2008 will be held on 16 December 2008;
a preliminary agenda for the 16 December 2008 meeting can be located


the 16 December 2008 meeting will include a report on the port to DBus
by Mark Doffman (or, if he is unable to attend the meeting, discussion
of the report he sends to the accessibility list in advance of the 
16 December 2008 meeting

minutes of the 16 December 2008 meeting will be logged to:


please note that the FIRST Open A11y meeting of 2009 will be held on 
6 January 2009; a preliminary agenda for the 6 January 2009 meeting 
can be located at:


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