[Accessibility] Minutes of 15 January 2008 Open A11y Conference Call

Gregory J. Rosmaita unagi69 at concentric.net
Tue Jan 15 22:04:20 PST 2008

aloha, all!

the minutes from today's Open Accessibility conference call are available


the agenda for next week's meeting, whose main topic is a report from 
Calvin Gainsford on Novell's linux initiative can be located at:


please note, as well, that the agenda for the 29 January 2008 Open A11y 
conference call, which will be dedicated solely to the topic of the 
Collection API and CodeThink's report on their D-Bus findings, is also 


as usual, any corrections, errors, misattributions or omissions should be 
logged by replying-to this post on list

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