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aloha, pete!

in tandem with updating the content of the documents in the ADOC 


i am in the process of "accessifying" and converting to XHTML 1.0
Strict the ADOC-ATSPI document, with the aim of providing a template 
either/both in the form of a perl script or a DocBook template for more 
general use -- compare, for example:




feedback of every type welcome,
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> Thanks to Cathy Laws for the following...
> During the recent meeting when the DBUS work was being discussed 
> Janina mentioned the prior ADoc work.  ADoc is not a set of 
> interfaces but a set of guidelines.  The ones for app devs are 
> here: "ATK implementation examples for documents" at 
> http://live.gnome.org/GAP/AtkGuide#head-
> 93d19ca6b2602cc919f756f0fbdba6ffbcabe22c and the ones for AT 
> devs are here: "Accessible Document Navigation using AT-SPI" at 
> However, the AT-SPI document is about 2.5 years old and the ATK 
> one about 
> 1.5 years old so someone who has been implementing ATK and the 
> Collection interface should review these documents and update 
> them.  Would this be Ariel Rios or Li Yuan from Sun (who I think 
> owns AT-SPI) or someone else?
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