[Accessibility] Re: UIA to MSAA/IA2 bridge

Calvin Gaisford cgaisford at novell.com
Tue Jan 22 10:35:57 PST 2008


Sorry about the delayed response, I'm catching up...

Pete Brunet wrote:
> Calvin, As you build the UIA to ATK bridge have you thought about 
> designing it so that it can eventually be a multiplatform bridge from 
> UIA to both ATK and MSAA/IA2?  This would be similar to what FF3 does, 
> mapping from the generic nsiAccessible to either ATK or MSAA/IA2 and 
> this is what OOo will have soon, after the IBM Lotus developed OOo UAAPI 
> to MSAA/IA2 bridge is merged with the existing OOo UAAPI to ATK mapping.

I think the bridge from UIA to both ATK and MSAA/IA2 is something that 
would be interesting.  I know Microsoft has such thing in their 
implementation.  I've thrown around the idea of having a layer to 
abstract the mapping as you mentioned it's also important to keep things 
clean and on track.  The abstract layer may be something we introduce as 
we go and where it makes sense.

> Note that JAWS and Window-Eyes already support MSAA/IA2.  I'm not aware 
> of any Win based UIA ATs so this would be a fast path to providing 
> access to UIA implementations.
> Have you done the UIA to ATK mapping analysis yet?

This hasn't yet been done and perhaps I'll be better able to answer some 
of the questions above once it is done.



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