[Accessibility] Updated information on UIA Linux work

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Thanks Calvin, Your project plan shows the following:

    Phase 2 - Q4 2009 - UIA Client and Moonlight integration
        * The UIA Client will be implemented using AT-SPI as the IPC. 
        * The AT-SPI/UIA bridge will be completed and UIA based ATs will 
be able to provide support for all ATK enabled apps.

Please describe the UIA client that will be implemented.  Since there are 
no UIA ATs why is a UIA to AT-SPI bridge in the plan?  Or is it for test 
tools, e.g. further down the page

    Create open source suite of automation tools based on UIA

By that do you mean that there is a plan to enable the porting of UIA 
based test tools to Linux and those tools would be used to access Linux 
apps via the UIA to AT-SPI bridge?  If that interpretation is correct, 
what tools are being considered for porting?

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[Accessibility] Updated information on UIA Linux work

Hi all,

I've been working to get more information out about the UIA Linux
project.  I moved the information I had and have added a little more
detail (with more to come).  This will be the new home for the project
and you can check here to get information about the status of the work.


I also have a section there with links to the job openings we currently
have (with job descriptions).  Feel free to contact me directly if you
are interested or know people that are interested.



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