[Accessibility] Updated information on UIA Linux work

Pete Brunet brunet at us.ibm.com
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Michael and Calvin, Thanks for the clarification.  The important part of 
the stack will be the UIA to ATK bridge which existing AT and tooling will 
use via AT-SPI.  It seems like a sizeable resource expenditure to 
implement the UIA client APIs and UIA client API to AT-SPI bridge, but at 
least at this point I don't understand the driving force behind that 

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Re: [Accessibility] Updated information on UIA Linux work

Hey Pete,

On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 21:43 +0000, Michael Meeks wrote:
> Hi Pete,
> On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 15:27 -0600, Pete Brunet wrote:
> >     Phase 2 - Q4 2009 - UIA Client and Moonlight integration 
> >         * The UIA Client will be implemented using AT-SPI as the IPC. 
> >         * The AT-SPI/UIA bridge will be completed and UIA based ATs
> > will be able to provide support for all ATK enabled apps. 
>                Sure, and as becomes clear as you read the expanded 
version in the
> pretty tables lower down the page:
> > Please describe the UIA client that will be implemented.  Since there
> > are no UIA ATs why is a UIA to AT-SPI bridge in the plan?  Or is it
> > for test tools, e.g. further down the page 
> > 
>                This means "UIA client APIs" :-) having said that, it's 
likely we'll
> create some trivial test/demo AT to exercise the stack, if no-one else
> has created such a thing already.


> > >    Create open source suite of automation tools based on UIA 
> > >
> > By that do you mean that there is a plan to enable the porting of UIA
> > based test tools to Linux and those tools would be used to access
> > Linux apps via the UIA to AT-SPI bridge ?  If that interpretation is
> > correct, what tools are being considered for porting? 
>                No idea where you get the porting idea from :-) it reads 
to me like
> Calvin wants to create a set of automated testing tools for the API
> we're creating - clearly that'll help improve quality both of our impl.
> and the rest of the stack too.

Indeed. The only tool I've even heard of that I might be interested in
porting would be the windowcatcher project that Steve Lee mentioned on
this list yesterday which appeared to me to be more of a
testing/validation tool.

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