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Got this email today...
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Trolltech ASA <sales at trolltech.com> =

01/28/2008 01:41 AM
Please respond to
sales at trolltech.com

Pete Brunet/Austin/IBM at IBMUS

Nokia to acquire Trolltech

Dear customer,

Nokia will make a public voluntary tender offer to acquire Trolltech.

Trolltech's management and board of directors support Nokia's offer.
We felt it was important to directly inform you about this.

We are very excited about this, please read the attachment.

Trolltech ASA

and here is the text from the PDF...

28 January 2008
Dear Customer,
Today, Nokia has made a public tender offer for all the shares in =

We think this is great news for both you and us.
In Trolltech, we have for a long time had a vision of ?Qt Everywhere?. =

Being acquired* by Nokia,
we will continue to provide you with the most advanced cross-platform =

software framework for
desktop and devices in the market. There will be further investments in Qt =

and Qtopia and an
even better long-term security in your decision to choose Trolltech for =

your business.
We are confident that with Nokia we can accelerate our cross-platform =

software capabilities and
grow Qt and Qtopia significantly in desktop and mass-volume device =

markets. The plan is that
we will continue our current organizational setup, operating inside Nokia =

as a distinct unit.
Nokia is already using Qt for its PC Suite, and they aim to significantly =

expand the use of these
technologies moving forward. In addition to pursuing new opportunities =

related to Nokia?s
business focus, we will invest to continuously deliver world leading =

software in accordance to
your needs.
In order to further stimulate industry innovation, Nokia will, as =

Trolltech has done throughout the
history, continue to drive the licensing of Trolltech technology under =

both commercial and open
source licenses.
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at =

sales at trolltech.com.
Best regards,
Trolltech ASA
* Please note that the acquisition is subject to customary closing =

conditions, including regulatory
and Trolltech shareholder approval.

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