[Accessibility] Improved access to documents and tables

Pete Brunet brunet at us.ibm.com
Mon Jan 28 13:31:20 PST 2008

At the last Open a11y meeting we talked briefly about some issues which 
were first raised on an IA2 call last October.  Those issues are:

* Objects contained in documents and tables - from Mick Curran
* Access to document revisions - from the ODF AccSC
* Access to misspelled text

The background for the fist two items are documented in items 4 and 5 of 
the IA2 minutes from Oct 2nd at 

I've initiated a conversation with Malte Timmerman to talk about access to 
revisions so I'd like to focus on Mick Curran's request for improved 
support for documents and tables. 

Who is available to work on this?  Once we know who will be on the team we 
can determine when we can start and when we can meet.  I can get input 
from those on the IA2 community that are not normally on LF calls, e.g. 
developers from Lotus Symphony, Window-Eyes, and JAWS.  However, I think 
we also need input from at least the following people:
    Mick Curran, Peter Korn, Bill Haneman, Willie Walker
and perhaps also
    Ariel Rios, Li Yuan

As far as I know Mick, Bill, and I can work on this, and Willie needs to 
evaluate his available time.

We'll need to consider the prior work on ADoc
and perhaps the Collection interface
though IA2 doesn't have a Collection interface as it was felt it was not 
needed in the in-process envrionment IA2 is used in.

There has been some talk of also having a F2F at the Spring 08 Linux 
Foundation Collaboration Summit.  Are any of you who are interested in 
working on this problem going to be at that Summit?

Please let me know what you thoughts are.

Pete Brunet
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