Testing (Re: [Accessibility] Updated information on UIA Linux work)

Willie Walker William.Walker at Sun.COM
Tue Jan 29 07:32:19 PST 2008

Hi All:

Just as an FYI/comment: the Orca project has a number of automated tests 
that the team uses regularly.  The basic idea is that the tests play 
keystrokes while a specific application is running (e.g., gtk-demo, 
gedit, Firefox, OpenOffice, etc.) and compare the information Orca is 
presenting via speech and braille with expected output.

It's not perfect, but it has two valuable features that many things 
don't have: it exists and it's useful.  ;-)  An out-of-date writeup, 
which doesn't include the assertion mechanism, is here: 
http://live.gnome.org/Orca/RegressionTesting.  An example test with 
assertions is here: 

We find this suite useful for testing changes to Orca, the AT-SPI 
infrastructure, and the apps themselves.

That's all.  End of unsolicited info from me...  :-)


>> By that do you mean that there is a plan to enable the porting of UIA
>> based test tools to Linux and those tools would be used to access
>> Linux apps via the UIA to AT-SPI bridge ?  If that interpretation is
>> correct, what tools are being considered for porting? 
> 	No idea where you get the porting idea from :-) it reads to me like
> Calvin wants to create a set of automated testing tools for the API
> we're creating - clearly that'll help improve quality both of our impl.
> and the rest of the stack too.

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