[Accessibility] Tests, Documentation, ADoc and other ATK/AT-SPI web issues

Gregory J. Rosmaita unagi69 at concentric.net
Tue Jan 29 10:44:41 PST 2008

aloha, all!

first of all, thanks, WillieW, for passing on the information about the 
orca team's tests -- i added it to:


that resource, and the ADocs:


about which there has been some recent traffic on the a11y lists, are in 
search of owners, or at least contributors (DavidB, were you going to 
maintain the wiki test index?) -- the wiki page for each ADoc contains 
details about what needs to be added and/or reviewed and/or updated


which also link to the latest public drafts of the ADocs, featuring the 
new "Recommendations for Developers" template/look-and-feel -- comments on 
additions to and criticism of the proposed template is quite welcome:


there is already a wiki resource pertaining to Open A11y drafts, and 
specification/document guidelines:


and -- last, but far from least -- comments on the ATK/AT-SPI web presence 
on the LF wiki, detailed in:


are also welcome -- i doubt that we will have the opportunity to discuss 
the issues listed in the Minutes as "Topic 2" at the actual meeting, so a
review of the resources described in that section of the minutes via email
would be greatly appreciated -- probably on the accessibility-atspi list, 
or via the "Discussion" pages for each wiki page, or by emailing me 
directly at both: oedipus at hicom.net and unagi69 at concentric.net

thank you,
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