[Accessibility] minutes: Open A11y Call, 18 July 2008

Gregory J. Rosmaita unagi69 at concentric.net
Tue Jul 15 14:04:06 PDT 2008

aloha, all!

although there was not a quorum at today's Open Accessibility workgroup
call, those who did attend did discuss the issues on the agenda: namely,
updating the AT-SPI DBus wiki page, located at:


and coordinating Open A11y's efforts with other fora, especially 

the attendees also discussed Open A11y's Statement on Desktop 
Interoperability (SOI), which is located at:


details can be found in the minutes located at:


excerpts from the minutes pertaining to the DBus wiki and SOI update
are also included at the end of this emessage...

as usual, please log any errors, omissions, corrections and/or 
clarifications by replying-to this post on-list...

Workgroup members are asked to pay special attention to topics 1 and 2:



and to consider the list of "Resources in Search of a Maintainer", which
can be found at:


the following "New Action Items" were logged at today's teleconference:

ACTION: GJR - ping Willie Walker, Mark Doffman, and Rob Taylor about 
              coordinatrion of resources between Open A11y and GNOME Live

ACTION: MG - review and propose revisions to DBus port wiki page 

ACTION: OS - email PeteB about problems with international dial-in 

ACTION: GJR - post news item about OlafS' participation in Akademy2008 

ACTION: GJR - ensure that SOI and DBus discussion included in minutes 
              notice to be sent to group 

ACTION: GJR - add link to link Open A11y's ATK/AT-SPI Technical 
              References, highlighting the DBus wiki page to the 
              top of SOI

the next Open A11y conference call is scheduled for 22 July 2008, at 
1800h UTC -- an agenda is available at:


note that since there was not a quorum at the 15 July 2008 call, the 
minutes from 10 June 2008 have not yet been approved -- the URI with 
which to review the minutes of the 10 June 2008 Open A11y conference 
call is:




Topic 1: Update on AT-SPI on Dbus Wiki 

JS: MGorse, any updates? 

MG: starting to move towards working on mono stuff, rather than DBus; 
will return to that aspect of the project on as-needed basis; MarkD 
working on DBus port; work i've done is close to testable, but don't 
know how much can do unilaterally -- may need help testing when pyatspi 
ready to test; might identify things in common that need fixing; 
question of where to put things; Open Accessibility makes sense because 
not GNOME-centric but agnostic 

JS: agree -- Open Accessibility's intentions are stated well and clearly 
in the Statement on Desktop Interoperability (SOI) -- Open 
Accessibility's goal has always been independence from any particular 
toolkit or desktop; AT from GNOME and KDE working on other desktops; keep 
user's perspective -- user doesn't care where certain desktop 
functionalities come from, as long as it is there and plays well with 
other implementations and applications; might be good to have 
documentation at Open Accessibility 

MG: might become free desktop project; right now code on codethink server 

GJR: needs to coordinate with live.gnome.org -- will email Willie Walker 

MG: DBus stuff on live.gnome.org by MarkD and Rob; some of it may not be 
relevant any more -- investigation, design notes; 

JS: people in our orbit 

GJR: will ping WW, MD, and RT to ensure coordination of resources 


Topic 2: Does the Statement on Desktop Interoperability (SOI) Need Updating? 

JS: SOI - hasn't been updated since 2005 

JS: moving off of CORBA even in GNOME - DBus wiki needs update; perhaps 
SOI needs an update itself?

JS: perhaps an addendum for SOI to bring people up-to-date and points them 
to the wiki? 

JS: Olaf, could you consider a proposal for updating SOI; MikeG -- ideas 
and updates for DBus wiki page? 

GJR: listed under resources in search of a maintainer 

MG: will take a look, and post to list; also some info at live.gnome.org 
which is complementary or redundant -- need to cross-check and coordinate 

OS: main focus should be on updating DBus page; need documentation; need 
to help new people to get involved; won't be able to do much technical 
work on it now, but critical for attracting new participants and 

OS: need to make accessible to developers 

JS: update SOI? 

OS: first idea would be to leave text as is and to put paragraph at top 
with links to current work 

GJR: would a link to Open A11y's ATK/AT-SPI Technical References 
suffice for SOI? 

OS: ok, but highlight DBus page 

GJR: ok, will do 

JS: olaf, want to propose new text for SOI? 

OS: better to compose when DBus wiki page is updated 

JS: ok 


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