[Accessibility] Open A11y CSUN2008 Slides [call for consensus]

Gregory J. Rosmaita unagi69 at concentric.net
Mon Mar 3 15:14:16 PST 2008

aloha, pete!

item 1. you are quite correct -- i added the workgroup titles to the names 
in slide 1

item 2. slide 1, redux: the last bullet point was lifted from janina's 
original CSUN proposal:


so i will punt on the question of "to which tool are we referring"
to janina...

item 3. slide 3 -- corrected the punctuation, as requested, but again,
in terms of IAccessible2 being a "standard" i defer to janina...

i will effect further changes as soon as possible,

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> Thanks Gregory, Some comments...
> page 1: 
> It would be nice to include our Open A11y positions, e.g. for me 
> something like:  Pete Brunet, IBM Corp., Chair - Open 
> Accessibility IAccessible2 workgroup.  That way people will have 
> a better understanding of our roles. Last bullet - Are you 
> referring to the AccProbe test tool?  If so, it's only a 
> companion to one of the three specs.  Also, one might be 
> thinking of a test suite, i.e. the one mentioned on the next slide.
> page 3:
> Remove the first comma in the first sentence
> Third bullet, the word "standard" - Is that the right 
> terminology?  Is IA2 considered an Open A11y standard?
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> [Accessibility] Open A11y CSUN2008 Slides [call for consensus]
> aloha, all!
> the slides for the main Open Accessibility panel at CSUN2008 can 
> be accessed via the following URI:
> http://accessibility.linux-foundation.org/a11yweb/presentations/csun2008/slides/opena11y/
> PLEASE take the time to review the slide set and PLEASE post any 
> remarks concerning the slides and/or their content to 
> accessibility at a11y.org -- we will take a VERY brief moment at 
> the 4 March 2008 Open A11y conference call to approve the slides,
>  so PLEASE, if you haven't reviewed the slides yet, please do
> PLEASE note, as well, that background materials and reference 
> materials for the 4 March 2008 Open Accessibility Workgroup 
> meeting can be found on the meeting's minutes page:
> http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/Accessibility/Minutes/Minutes20080304
> thank you,
> gregory.
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