[Accessibility] Unified Use Cases for Expert Handlers, version 1.0 (UUC1) approved by WG membership

Mario Lang mlang at debian.org
Thu Mar 20 06:07:26 PDT 2008

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"Gregory J. Rosmaita" <unagi69 at concentric.net> writes:

> at today's Open Accessibility Conference Call, the working group resolved
> to adopt the Unified Use Cases for Expert Handlers, version 1.0 (UUC1)
> http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/Accessibility/Minutes/Accessibility/Handlers/UseCases/Unified/UUC1
> as an official Open A11y publication. befitting its position, a static 
> version of UUC1 can be referenced and accessed at:
> http://accessibility.linux-foundation.org/a11yspecs/handlers/uuc1.html

I have two unrelated comments:

 1. In the first paragraphs, you mention MSAA and iAccessible2 as an example
    for AT APIs.  It feels wrong to me to not mention AT-SPI in this context,
    especially since AT-SPI is the only API currently working on Linux
    in this area.

 2. MusicXML is mentioned as one specialized markup language.
    I didn't really read further into this document yet, I just wanted to
    mention that I am in fact right now developing a MusicXML
    to Braille music translation program (http://delysid.org/freedots.html).

    If any ATs would like to make use of this, I'd be pretty interested
    on input from their side.  FreeDots is currently written in an AT
    independant way, it can be used with or without a screen reader.
    Or, one might even cliam it is an AT specialized for MusicXML.
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