[Accessibility] Open A11y Teleconference, Tuesday 13 May

Janina Sajka janina at a11y.org
Mon May 12 12:46:08 PDT 2008


We will hold our regular weekly Open A11y teleconference on Tuesday, 13
May at the usual hour referenced to 14:00 U.S. Eastern Time, which is
now 18:00 UTC. You can check for the correct time in your time zone
using the Fixed Time Clock at:


Main Topic
Our main topic will be producing AT-SPI/ATK tests for the LSB

***Apropos From George Kraft:

FYI, here are the ATK tests that IBM prototyped about a year ago.  These
conformance tests test from end to end.  This was just an init= ial set for
proof of concept.  There a lot more work to increase the tes= t case coverage
for "deep" testing.  If I had to do it over again I th= ink I would prefer the
pseudo AT in the test suite to be written in pyth= on rather than in C using


Also, the LSB Navigator reports 100% "normal" test coverage for liba= tk in
LSB_Toolkit_Gtk; however, I don't think anyone from the OpenA11y workgroup has
looked at them.




We take care to avoid publishing (or archiving) the passcode for our
teleconferences. If you need a reminder, please send email to:
janina at a11y.org.

The agenda for this teleconference, together with teleconference
logistical data, can be found at:


Direct dial teleconference numbers for our call have been expanded. The
list of current numbers is available at:


Vo/IP Using SIP or IAX: telecon at a11y.org

IRC: Our a11y channel will be open on irc.linux-foundation.org channel
#a11y during the teleconference.


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Open A11y Teleconference Numbers

Vo/IP Using SIP or IAX: telecon at a11y.org

USA 877-421-0030; 770-615-1247
Austria +43 179576264
Belgium 0800-7-3026; +32 22006114
Denmark 80-888377; +45 38323070
Finland 0800-914-630; +358 972519061
France 0800-902366; +33 157323040; +33 157323041
Germany 0800-181-6323; +49 6951709081
Ireland 1800-558728; +353 16569209
Italy 800-788634; +39 0269430413
Netherlands 0800-022-8558; +31 202008077
Norway 800-18373; +47 24159528
Spain 900-95-1089; +34 912754171
Sweden 020-799414; +46 850163259
Switzerland 0800-564-331; +41 446545620
United Kingdom 0808-234-1969; +44 2070260533

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