[Accessibility] minutes from 2008-05-06 and 2008-05-13 [PLEASE REVIEW]

Gregory J. Rosmaita unagi69 at concentric.net
Sun May 18 20:00:36 PDT 2008

aloha, all!

apologies for the delay in turn-around-time, but the minutes from 
the last 2 Open Accessibility calls are available for review before 
this week's Open Accessibility conference call, which will be held 
at 1800h UTC TUESDAY, 20 MAY 2008 -- you can use the following URI 
to find the time (and date) of the meeting where you live:


the minutes from the 6 May 2008 Open Accessibility conference call --
at which intellectual property rights, open source and open standards, 
and other related issues were discussed with Andrew Updegrove, the 
lawyer who is developing a specific statement of IPR policies for the
Linux Foundation -- can be found at:


feedback from reviewers who were not attendees is, of course, also 
appreciated, as is discussion and follow-up on any of the issues 
covered at the 6 May 2008 meeting.

the minutes from the 13 May 2008 Open Accessibility conference call,
at which the topics included:

  1. Producing AT-SPI/ATK Tests for the Linux Standard Base (LSB)
  2. Revisions in IAccessible2: Adding Into ATK/AT-SPI
  3. Dbus, Mono, etc.

are located at:


special thanks to Mike Gorse for scribing on no notice, and doing a damn
good job of it, too -- since mike is relatively new to the group's calls 
(although his recent attendance record is better than mine), he noted in 
the minutes from the 13 May 2008 Open A11y call that he was unsure of 
all of his attributions, specifically those which he marked in the 
minutes with a question mark.

please review these documents to (a) ensure that an accurate record of 
the meetings has been captured; and (b) to raise questions or clarify 
points made in either meeting -- as usual, please log any comments 
specifically related to the contents of the minutes by replying-to this 
post on-list.

additionally, an agenda for this week's Open Accessibility conference 
call is available at:


items on the agenda for the Open Accessibility conference call 
on 20 MAY 2008 include:

  * Approval of minutes from the 2008-05-06 and 2008-05-13 calls
  * Producing AT-SPI/ATK tests for LSB
  * Toward Accessible Revision Interfaces 
  * D-Bus Port Progress and Issues
  * SIG Updates (conditional)
  * Website Updates (conditional)
  * Identify items for the 27 May 2008 Teleconference

remember -- to obtain localized time and date information for this 
week's Open Accessibility conference call, visit the following 

as always, the #a11y channel at: irc.linux-foundation.org will be 
open during (before and after) the call


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