[Accessibility] new scroll type?

David Bolter david.bolter at utoronto.ca
Sat May 24 14:39:17 PDT 2008


What I would want this to do, is to scroll the the object into view, and 
also its parent container, and its parent container, and so on, so that 
as much context around the original object is brought into view as well.

Ideally I would want a flag to say whether to scroll (or not) if the 
object was already in view; barring that maybe two constants:


I'd find the latter one most valuable I think.


Seriously though, what about this:

Pete Brunet wrote:
> For IA2::scrollTo it would be nice to have an enum value for 
> IA2ScrollType that was not limited to an edge or corner in the case 
> that the AT doesn't care how it's brought on screen. Does anyone have 
> some insight into if a new constant  is needed?
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