[Accessibility] Proposal to standardize DOM node access

Pete Brunet brunet at us.ibm.com
Tue Oct 7 09:59:03 PDT 2008

Some questions and comments regarding the ISimpleDOMNode proposal 
discussion on the IA2 list:

As a few of the commentors have indicated, a primary goal of IA2 has been 
to facilitate efficient cross platform (Win/Linux) app development.  One 
of the primary arguments for standardizing ISimple* is, rather, to 
facilitate efficient cross-browser AT development.  We want to expose 
special markup like math on Linux as well but there is no ATK/AT-SPI 
equivalent to ISimpleDOMNode.  The larger OpenA11y group needs to 
determine if ATK/AT-SPI should include an equivalent to ISimple*.

There is also the issue of the delta between ISimple* and the IE 
equivalent.  While we are considering harmonizing ISimple* with ATK/AT-SPI 
should we also, via AIA, consider defining an interface definition that 
deprecates both ISimple* and the IE equivalent so app and AT implementers 
have only one interface to deal with?

Specialized markup like Math also needs to be accessible in non-browser 
environments.  Would ISimpleDOMNode be implementable in other applications 
such as office apps?

Does ISimpleDOMText need to be included?  I think all of it's function is 
covered by IA2's IAccessbileText.

Alternatively, would it be sufficient to provide access to the specialized 
markup via a new IAccessible2::get_innerMarkup method?

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