[Accessibility] minutes from 7 October 2008 Open A11y Workgroup Call

Gregory J. Rosmaita oedipus at hicom.net
Tue Oct 7 15:02:53 PDT 2008


draft minutes from today's Open Accessibility Workgroup call can be found


please report any errors, clarifications, corrections, mis-attributions,
and the like by replying-to this post on-list -- note, as well, that i 
am still in the process of adding hyperlinks to the minutes, so any and
all suggestions welcome...

the NEXT Open Accessibility Workgroup meeting will be held on 14 October
2008 at 1800h UTC -- the main order of business will be to vote on 
approval of IAccessible2, version 1.0.2

note that while there will NOT be an Open A11y Workgroup meeting on 21 
October 2008, there will be a meetig on 28 October 2008, at which the 
discusssion of Expert Handlers architecture and Expert Handlers 
synchronization with AT-SPI which began today will be continued.

thanks to all who attended -- especially mick and jamie!

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