[Accessibility] GNOME job posting site is now up; also Open Desktop community mailing lists...

Peter Korn Peter.Korn at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 15 14:06:37 PDT 2008

Greetings fellow AEGIS SP2 folks!

I'd like to inaugurate this list with news that the folks at the GNOME 
Foundation have just started a central job postings board.  See the 
attached e-mail. 

Since some folks doing SP2 work in the open desktop may want to hire 
existing, experienced GNOME programmers (or "hackers") for doing AEGIS 
work - e.g. for the testing harness work in WP2.2 - I wanted to share 
this new venue for posting your "job available" listings.

Note: as a number of my Sun colleagues and I know many of the folks who 
might be responding to such ads, we would be happy to provide you 
feedback on anyone who might reply to your job posting.

Separately, there are a number of existing, community mailing lists 
dedicated to accessibility work on the open desktop.  You may be 
interested in subscribing to some of these as well, as you being to 
participate in open source work in SP2.  These lists are:

 <gnome-accessibility-list at gnome.org> - general discussion list for 
GNOME accessibility
 <gnome-accessibility-devel at gnome.org> - list for developers working on 
GNOME accessibility
 <orca-list at gnome.org> - users & developers of the Orca screen reader 
 <gnome-announce-list at gnome.org> - general announce list for the GNOME 
 <desktop-devel-list at gnome.org> - list for developers of the GNOME 
desktop overall

All of these lists use the same mailing list software as we are using 
for AEGIS.  Subscribe to these (and other) lists at: 
http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/  Or simply add the string 
"-subscribe" to the mailing list address and put the word "Subscribe" in 
the subject and/or body (I always forget which so just do both) of your 

For work on OpenOffice.org accessibility, the list is:

 <accessibility at ui.openoffice.org>

The OpenOffice.org website is under a heavy strain at the moment, a they 
*just* released OpenOffice.org version 3.0 and they weren't prepared for 
the incredible download volume (something like half a million downloads 
of more than 200MB per person - and CollabNet which hosts their servers 
just wasn't prepared for that), so the best way to subscribe to that at 
the moment is via e-mail with "-subscribe" appended as noted above.

Open desktop accessibility standardization efforts are in the "Open A11y 
group" ("a11y" is an odd abbreviation of "accessibility" - the "11" 
replaces the eleven letters in the middle of the word "accessibility").  
Their mailing list is:

 <accessibility at freestandards.org>

Subscribe at http://www.linuxfoundation.org/en/Accessibility/Email (note 
that they have a number of sub-team aliases as well).  You might also be 
interested in their main page: 

By the way, I hope to very soon now send out an announcement about AEGIS 
to the first four lists I noted above & also the OOo accessibility list 
& the OpenA11y list - the moment we have our website up and live.


Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect & Principal Engineer,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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