[Accessibility] [Accessibility-ia2] [Accessibility-atspi] Shall we present at CSUN 2009?

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>alignment across platforms and with what exists on Windows

Mats, Since you didn't just say "accross platforms" (which I would assume 
would be Windows/Linux/OSX) but added "and with what exists on WIndows" 
what message were you conveying by adding that last phrase? 

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Re: [Accessibility-ia2] [Accessibility-atspi] Shall we present  at CSUN 

Aaron Leventhal wrote:
> Maybe one of the topics could be the feasibility of merging the
> various a11y APIs on Windows into one.
> How much of a long term goal is it, what are the technical challenges,
> how can we actually achieve it, and does the industry will exist to
> make it happen?

I do think there's a lot of interest in making sure there
exists/remains good alignment across platforms and with
what exists on Windows, and that sort of topic is a good
one for public presentations, yes.
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