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David Ames david at linuxfoundation.org
Tue Feb 3 09:04:26 PST 2009

We are about to launch our public beta content management system. We wanted to address our work groups first to give you the opportunity to have first access and update content in the new CMS.

Log into https://beta.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/workgroups with your LF account. The same account you used for wiki.

Click on your respective group and then click Join or Request Membership from the right hand menu options. I will respond to these requests ASAP. Please send me an email if you should be the manager of the group. The manager can decide how the group is configured and handles membership requests. 

Groups can be in one of the following configurations:
 Open - membership requests are accepted immediately.
 Moderated - membership requests must be approved.
 Invite only - membership must be created by an administrator.
 Closed - membership is exclusively managed by an administrator. 

The primary content type to utilize for work group content is "Group wiki" this content type will be associated with your group and can be edited by all group members. You can create this content type by clicking on "Create Content in the upper right or Create Group wiki page in the right hand menu.

If your group has not yet been created, please let me know and I will get it setup.

I have attached our public beta release notification for further details.

David Ames
The Linux Foundation
david at linuxfoundation.org

    Hello Linux Foundation Community,

    In February 2009, the Linux Foundation (LF) will release to the public a new beta content management system that will support improved publishing, membership acquisition, workgroup management, and content management using the open source Drupal 6 as our Content Management System (CMS) of choice.  The goal of the implementation is to develop a long-term comprehensive CMS solution that will support the growth and sustainability of the foundation's goals, strategies, and growth. The new system will integrate with other LF workgroup and publishing sites.

    The intention of this communication is that no stakeholder in the new CMS implementation process be surprised by the content of the beta system, or by the identification of the alternative legacy data that resides in the Wiki. This will be achieved through a multi-step release strategy in which the release process is conducted in a manner that stakeholders have input, and ample time to migrate their respective information into the new system.

    The advantage of this approach is that all stakeholders will have an opportunity to make their data up-to-date and only migrate what is relavant and known during the process. The LF web team will assist and provide technical know-how, training , and support as necessary for the stakeholder to input their workgroup information prior to the public release of the new site, and thereafter. A disadvantage of this approach, however, lies in the possibility that stakeholders may or may not have their entire documentation migrated to the new site prior to launch. The LF web team is aware of this issue, and therefore will keep the old MediaWiki site and data up and accessable by web browsing and search as long as possible to support workgroup migration to the new CMS. Unfortunately, some URLs will change as a result of migration to the new system.

    New CMS Benefits!

        * Implement robust content management system
        * Focus on branding, usability, and SEO of content
        * Replace one-off home grown templates and disparate websites wherever possible
        * Workgroups have better control of content, and access to content
        * Make it easier for the Linux community to use/reuse the Linux Foundation content

    What now?

        * The web team is readying Phase 1 roll out of the beta site for February 4, 2009
        * Contact Dan Lopez (dlopez at linuxfoundation.org) or Craig Ross (ccr at linuxfoundation.org) to acknowledge and coordinate migration action items for respective content
        * Review current staging area and content for your workgroup
        * Attend training for the new system on [Date TBD]

    Action Items: 
    1. Please migrate your existing content from the existing LF site to http://beta.linuxfoundation.org by February 6, 2009.
    It's important that content that the public should easily be able to navigate be moved. If you have content that is not up to date, you can simply leave on MediaWiki site and the LF will continue to maintain it at http://wiki.linuxfoundation.org. Please do not create new content on the old site.

    2. If you are a workgroup lead, please create a group, invite people, and start building your community on the new site. To coordinate group creation please contact David Ames (david at linuxfoundation.org) no later than February 4, 2009. If you do not do this in a timely fashion your workgroup may not make it to the launch of the site and will have to go up after the site has launched.

    3. Any new content you'd like to create for your workgroup should be created in the new beta site after February 4, 2009. If you need assistance in getting content created prior to receiving training, please contact Dan (dlopez at linuxfoundation.org) or Craig  (ccr at linuxfoundation.org).

    Your existing LF accounts will work in the new system. You will also be able to login to your MediaWiki account with the same account to retrieve other information that you mave have stored there.

    4. A training session for all interested parties on the new site will be held on [Date TBD] at 1pm-3pm PST. For questions or feedback on the site, please email webteam at linuxfoundation.org. Taining is not mandatory but is highly recommended.

    Phase I - Process Steps to Rollout Summary

        * Implement Drupal CMS
        * Content migration - first pass
        * Delegate content authors and owners to LF workgroups
        * Workgroups to schedule training with web team
        * Workgroup content migration - second pass
        * Go-Live

    Delegation of Ownership

        * Workgroup ownership of content
        * Web team ownership of CMS system administration and support
        * Web team ownership of branding, look and feel, and implementation
        * Workgroups to coordinate with web team about proper permissions and roles per workgroup

    Go Live!

        * Deadline for completion of content migration Phase 1 is February 6 2009
        * Old site will remain up throughout this process, and old data will be available
        * Flip the switch on February 2-6 2009 with public PR campaigns announcing the new site following week
        * All new content should be created in the new public beta release of the Drupal CMS system at http://www.linuxfoundation.org February 9, 2009 onward. By March 1 the LF media wiki site will no longer be write accessible, so it's imperative that you create a workgroup account on the new site if you wish to create content on LF web properties.

    For questions, comments, or suggestions please contact:

    Amanda McPherson - amanda at linuxfoundation.org

    Dan Lopez - dlopez at linuxfoundation.org
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