[Accessibility] minutes: 2009-02-10 Workgroup telecon [draft]

Gregory J. Rosmaita oedipus at hicom.net
Wed Feb 11 08:22:53 PST 2009

aloha, will!

thank you for your clarification -- i have added a link to your 
follow-up post on the state of AT-SPI to the minutes proper, and
brad, you are now identified correctly...

will if you or janina prefer, i can add your comments to the minutes
as an addendum, rather than simply linking to the archived post

thanks to everyone for the close review, gregory.
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> While we're at it:
> I'm not exactly sure where the AT-SPI/D-Bus work stands.  My 
> understanding about Mark's work is that he'll be ramping down 
> the pure AT-SPI/D-Bus work in March and ramping up on ATK 
> support in KDE/Qt.
> My assumption, which can be clarified by Mark, is that Mark was 
> funded primarily to get this stuff going for the purposes of 
> supporting automated testing across multiple desktop solutions 
> (e.g., GNOME and KDE).  While we hope that this means it will be 
> sufficient for use by assistive technologies, I'm not sure this 
> is guaranteed.
> What we need to do is find a 'catcher' for the AT-SPI/D-Bus work 
> to test/verify that it can supplant the AT-SPI/CORBA work for 
> the purposes of assistive technologies.
> Will

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