[Accessibility] Minutes for 3/3 open a11y call

Pete Brunet pete at a11ysoft.com
Tue Mar 3 11:44:01 PST 2009

Please review the minutes from today's open a11y meeting...

In attendance:  Janina, Stew, Will, Andres, Pete, Brad

Minutes from Feb 17 were approved

IA2 relicensing
js: meeting between Janina, Karen Copenhaver, Jim Zemlin, Ted Ts'o -
Janina combing through minutes to determine who to get permission from
ww:  please include Malte
js: waiting for Karen for suggested language

Formal relation with AIA
js: concerns about participation and disclosure of what AIA might not
want disclosed - not a good fit for LF/AIA (open vs fairly closed) -
Karen will be talking to MS about that

AT-SPI over DBus
ww: Mark Doffman working on device event controller and some code is working
ww: some Java work underway, about 8 weeks so far, expect a Q2 beta,
migrating Java from CORBA bindings to ATK directly through JNI, then
will pick up DBus changover for free
ww: speech - gnome 3.0 will ditch corba, this will impact speech, Luke
Yelavich at Canonical wants to get speech fixed
ww: mag - nothing happening, there is a longer term potential to get
Aegis dollars
bt: looking into atspi dbus, no cspi dependency

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