[Accessibility] HEADS UP--Changes Enclosed--Open A11y Teleconference, Tuesday 24 March

Janina Sajka janina at a11y.org
Mon Mar 23 20:05:50 PDT 2009

IMPORTANT Our teleconference dialins have changed. See details below.

We will hold our regular weekly Open A11y teleconference on Tuesday, 24
March at 14:00 U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), which is now 18:00 UTC.
You can check for the correct time in your time zone using the Fixed
Time Clock at:


IMPORTANT: Because the U.S. has adjusted for daylight time while Europe
has not, and for similar considerations elsewhere planet wide, please
check with the above URI to obtain the correct time of this meeting in
your locale. The time will have changed for some of our regular

The full agenda for this teleconference can be found at:



IMPORTANT: Our previous teleconference numbers and passcodes are no longer valid!

IMPORTANT: Teleconference services for the Open A11y Work Group are now
provided by rednote.net. Three options for dialing in are described

NOTE:	No passcode will be required for now.

1.)	Direct worldwide access using any SIP client:
	sip:telecon at rednote.net
	sip:2119 at rednote.net

2.)	Via any ITAD connected telephone system worldwide (such as the MIT campus telephone system):

	For the complete ITAD Directory, and To learn more about ITAD and TRIP, go to:

	Note that your ITAD installation may require an ITAD access service code.
	Example: At MIT first dial 48999 then 2119*984

3.)	Free of charge in many localities worldwide via SIP Broker's PSTN to SIP gateway service as follows:

	a.)	Find a local telephone number from the list provided at:

	b.)	Dial that number from any telephone.

	c.)	At the SIP Broker prompt enter:
		*8390 2119

IRC: Our a11y channel will be open on irc.a11y.org channel #a11y during
the teleconference.


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Open A11y Teleconference Numbers

Vo/IP Using SIP or IAX: telecon at a11y.org

USA 877-421-0030; 770-615-1247
Austria +43 179576264
Belgium 0800-7-3026; +32 22006114
Denmark 80-888377; +45 38323070
Finland 0800-914-630; +358 972519061
France 0800-902366; +33 157323040; +33 157323041
Germany 0800-181-6323; +49 6951709081
Ireland 1800-558728; +353 16569209
Italy 800-788634; +39 0269430413
Netherlands 0800-022-8558; +31 202008077
Norway 800-18373; +47 24159528
Spain 900-95-1089; +34 912754171
Sweden 020-799414; +46 850163259
Switzerland 0800-564-331; +41 446545620
United Kingdom 0808-234-1969; +44 2070260533

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