[Accessibility] Hitting the GNOME 2.29.2 target for AT-SPI/D-Bus

Willie Walker William.Walker at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 22 13:08:26 PDT 2009

Just a quick status update:

> ** Push to GNOME git - move the current code to the GNOME git 
> repository.  This probably should be done first so we can all check in 
> code changes much more easily.  (Mark)

Mark - please let us know where this ends up when you get it done. 
Also, please let us know if you need help.  This might be a gating 
factor for some of the below.

> * GNOME Build Integration: need to make sure the GNOME release builds. 
> It's OK to have the old and new at-spi listed as dependencies for now. 
> FredP says he will help as soon as we can get him a pointer.
> * Reentrancy fix needs to get checked in. (Mark has this ready to go in 
> his personal git branch)
> * AT-SPI/CORBA scaffolding -- need to get the pyatspi.pth and GTK_PATH 
> *.desktop stuff in place and a new gconf schema for the 
> /desktop/gnome/interface/at-spi-corba (or whatever we call it) setting. 
> (Willie will work with Li on this)

I have a potential patch that seems to work well.  See 
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=599244.  The only issue is 
that I'm seeing the D-Bus registryd start even if I have the 
at-spi-corba flag set.

I suspect some process is starting without the GTK_PATH environment 
variable set.  When I look at the environment variables of some running 
processes, it looks as the various applets in the panel (e.g., the clock 
applet, notification area, etc.) all do not have the needed environment 
variables set.

Does anyone know how these applets get started?  The 'ptree' output on 
my system doesn't show them as child processes of gnome-session.

> * L10n - need to migrate whatever i18n stuff there is in the old to the 
> new stuff (e.g., localized role names).  (Willie)

Turns out there is nothing.  The i18n stuff in at-spi is for the 
*.desktop file, which we're getting rid of.

> * Schema duplication issue -- both the old and new use the 
> /desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility key.  The new should ship a 
> schema for this.  Don't know if there is an issue with duplication. 
> (Willie)

Again.  No issue.  The key is defined in libgnome:


> * Disable CSPI build in the new stuff.  It doesn't work and it also 
> conflicts with the old stuff. (Mark)
> * Rename at-spi-registryd in the new stuff to at-spi2-registryd.  (Mark)
> * Move the D-Bus xml files to the new standard location. (Mark)
> * Move dbind/droute from core to atk and make it statically linked. This 
> eliminates the need for extra stuff on the install.  (Mark)
> * Bug crawl for various stuff (e.g., clients automatically reconnect to 
> registryd if it restarts).  (All)



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