[Accessibility] Secondary Carets needed?

Pete Brunet pete at a11ysoft.com
Thu Feb 18 16:20:54 PST 2010

Hi Brian, I think we still only need one caret.  With key board
selection there is only one caret location, i.e. where new text will be
inserted.  With a multi-touch device the system software could define
the selection and set the caret at one end or the other.  (There might
be justifications for setting it on the left, e.g. if you touched first
on the right end.)

The UI ergonomics might be hard, i.e. the ability to accurately position
the caret, but it seems possible. 

Ignoring that, the gesture might be a touch followed by a slide or a
touch followed by a second touch while the first touch is still "pressed".

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Peter Korn wrote:
> Brian,
> This is an interesting question.  Today we have the ability via
> AccessibleText to indicate both a caret location, and also a selection
> (start, end).  When you have a range of text selected, one end of the
> selection has a caret and therefore keyboard manipulation of the
> selection (shift-arrow) grows/shrinks the selection by manipulating
> only one end of the selection range.
> In a multi-touch environment, there is (presently) no keyboard
> mechanism for doing that at the same time on either end; you simply
> use your finger.  So... I'm not sure that we need a second caret until
> we have a keyboard-operable way of doing that sort of manipulation.
> Regards,
> Peter Korn
> Accessibility Principal
> Oracle
>> Hi all,
>> At first glance, it seems obvious that an AccessibleText would only
>> have one Caret.    However I have begun to question whether we will
>> soon need an ability to represent at least a second Caret.    
>> Multi-touch technologies are allowing users to select with multiple
>> fingers.    For example, instead of defining rectangles by a
>> sequential first and a second corner selection, rectangles are
>> defined by simultaneous corner indications of two fingers.    The two
>> finger motions of pinch and enlarge are becoming commonplace in
>> multi-touch interfaces.    
>> Thus I wonder how long it will be before there is a requirement of
>> text selection from simultaneous touching of multiple points, thus
>> creating a need for two or more caret references in a linear string
>> of text.
>> Please excuse me if this is an old topic that has been soundly
>> considered.
>> Regards,
>> Brian
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