[Accessibility] Shoring up D-Bus Accessibility--Can we talk?

Joanmarie Diggs joanmarie.diggs at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 07:56:31 PDT 2010

Hi all.

> > On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 4:06 PM, Janina Sajka <janina at rednote.net> wrote:
> >>> > Anyhoo.... Alex seems to have found his way into the position of
> >>> > unofficial/de facto GNOME a11y lead, plus he's got a much better handle
> >>> > on the big picture than I do.
> Joanie is somewhat exaggerated about my "power" both on the a11y
> community and the gnome one. Related with gtk patches ...

I beg to differ. ;-)

The real problem IMHO is the lack of "power" of the a11y team/community
with respect to the full GNOME community. 

* I think we need more visibility (if not an actual presence) on the 
  GNOME Advisory Board. This is something we're working on.

* I think we need a seat on the GNOME Release Team. To my knowledge, 
  this is not being worked on.

* I think we need more, and relatively permanent, resources.

Regarding this:

> ... I think that I don't have more "GTK+ push power" that you could have.

I would, for the most part, agree. But that's how it's always been. For
the past few years anyway....

It's one thing for a group to say "accessibility is a critical
component"; quite another to demonstrate that it really is. (Not just
limited to GNOME....)


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