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Open A11y Working Group Conference Call (1 June 2010)

  Note: This was an abbreviated meeting. These minutes have not yet been 

1. Preliminary Items

1.1. Participants

* Janina Sajka (JS/chair) 
  * Andy 
  * Pete Brunet (PB) 
  * Mike Gorse (MG) 
  * Gregory J. Rosmaita (GJR/scribe) 
      * regrets: none logged

1.2. For Reference

* Agenda for 1 June 2010 Open A11y Call: 

* Minutes from the 11 May 2010 Open A11y Call: 

Meeting Minutes

  Note: This was an abbreviated meeting. These minutes have not yet been 

Topic 1: AT-SPI Port to D-Bus Update

    * contents of AT-SPI on D-Bus Port wiki page (http://a11y.org/d-bus) 
      last updated 30 October 2009 by Mike Gorse 
         * MikeG is maintaining the AT-SPI on D-Bus Port wiki page, and 
           will add info about AT-SPI2 development releases to the D-Bus 
           wiki page

Discussion of Topic 1: D-Bus Port Update

  JS: some concern that haven't had more feedback and debugging

  JS: goal -- get to LSB (http://ldn.linuxfoundation.org/lsb)

  MG: what would LSB certification involve?

  JS: need more testing -- can't fully automate, but ok if partially 
  automated, and partially human-checked

  GJR: Mike, check Linux Foundation's LSB Certification documentation 

  JS: who can do such contract work? -- have RNIB funding to continue 
  work -- how to go about recruiting?

  MG: the more resources which can be devoted to the port, the better -- 
  personally been concentrating on fixing bugs, but still work that 
  needs to be done

  JS: wonder if MikeG willing to be AT-SPI activity lead to coordinate 
  such work? (http://a11y.org/at-spi)

  MG: we should discuss that outside of the telecon; have you talked to 
  Mark or Rob at CodeTalks?

  JS: pinged Mark; MarkD didn't reply to last email; need to ping him 

  MG: ping Rob Taylor, too

  JS: overall sense on port? is port page up to date?

  GJR: been keeping MikeG's updates on AT-SPI2 releases current on Open 
  A11y News Page (http://a11y.org/news) and with link from Open A11y 
  front page (http://a11y.org)

  GJR: will ensure that MikeG has editor priviledges so can update 
  AT-SPI on D-Bus Port wiki page (http://a11y.org/d-bus)


Topic 2: U.S. Section 508 Refresh

    * due to a very disappointing lack of responsiveness, the 508 
      Refresh coordination Open Accessibility hoped to foster is quickly 
      becoming moot -- participants are asked to file comments on their 
      own as individuals, as well as to advocate within organizations 
      and companies to have those entities submit comments; please refer 
      to the following resources for more information about contributing 
      to the Section 508 Refresh:

         + The updated standards and guidelines Advance Notice of 
           Proposed Rule Making (ANPRM) is on the Access Board's web 
           site at: http://access-board.gov/508.htm

         + the prior discussion of this topic at the 20 April 2010 Open 
           A11y teleconference 

Topic 3: SIG Updates

  JS: time to ping KarenC to ascertain where we are with license and 
  trademark for IAccessible2; pleased to see a lot of discussion and 
  work on IA2 emailing list

  GJR: for AccProbe still need licensing/copyright/usage statement for 
  both the distributable and the download page 

Topic 4: Web Site Updates 

  GJR: set up placeholder page for Brian Cragun to populate with 
  IAccessible2 Implementation Guide


  which will be short URI aliased to http://a11y.org/implementation


Wrap Up

    * meeting adjourned 1521h UTC 
    * next Open A11y conference call: 2010-06-08 

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