[Accessibility] Open A11y Teleconference, Tuesday 22 June at 15:00Z

Janina Sajka janina at a11y.org
Mon Jun 21 14:45:33 PDT 2010

We will hold our weekly Open A11y teleconference on Tuesday, 22 June at
11:00 U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (EST), which is currently 15:00 UTC.
You can check for the correct time in your time zone using the Fixed
Time Clock at:


NOTE: There will NOT be a teleconference next week on Tuesday 29 June.
Following our call this week, our next meeting will be Tuesday 6 July.

Main Topics

IAccessible2 Relicensing; Related issues
*	AT-SPI move to D-Bus: Status, Next Steps
*	Keeping our web presence current
*	The Future of Open Source AT and the Open A11y Wg

The full agenda for this teleconference can be found at:



Teleconference services for the Open A11y Work Group are now provided by
rednote.net. Three options for dialing in are described below.

NOTE:	No passcode is required for now.

1.)	Direct worldwide access using any SIP client:
	sip:2119 at freeswitch.rednote.net
If you need an accessible SIP client, try linphone (which can be
operated from either the GUI desktop or a text console).

2.)	Via any ITAD connected telephone system worldwide (such as the MIT campus telephone system):

	For the complete ITAD Directory, and To learn more about ITAD and TRIP, go to:

	Note that your ITAD installation may require an ITAD access service code.
	Example: At MIT first dial 48999 then 2119*984

3.)	Free of charge in many localities worldwide via SIP Broker's PSTN to SIP gateway service as follows:

	a.)	Find a local telephone number from the list provided at:

	b.)	Dial that number from any telephone.

	c.)	At the SIP Broker prompt enter:
		*8390 2119

IRC: Our a11y channel will be open on irc.a11y.org channel #a11y during
the teleconference.


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