[agl-discussions] OS/Common Libs Recipe Development

Noriaki Fukuyasu fukuyasu at linuxfoundation.org
Wed Aug 5 06:31:09 UTC 2015

Hi everyone

One of the key action items to complete the phase 1 of the development is
the recipe development and we need an urgent action on this.
Particularly, there has not been anyone who can work on OS/Common libs

So today, Tanigawa-san, Tadano-san and Ibe-san got together at LF Japan
office to discuss about how we can develop OS/Common Libs recipe, and see
the followings as the result of our discussion.

Basic Concept:
We will include, AGL/Tizen/GENIVI Common package/ GENIV Supported Package.
We prioritize GENIVI since we think it would be nice that the AGL
distribution to become GENIVI Compliant. We will prioritize less Tizen
package this time since there is no foreseeable reason to include them/

Also, we will take off systemd since we have not decided if we want to use
systemd or not for booting systems.

Based on that assumptions, these are the steps we will be going thru:

Step 1:
Subtract systemd package from GENIVI Support packages.
(there are 23 GENIVI only packages, and we take off 4 systemd packages,
that makes 19 packages we need to build)

Step 2:
Conduct a build with 19 packages (to be conducted by Tadano-san and Ibe-san)

Step 3:
Check to see if the system can boot with systemd. (Tanigawa-san)

In Parallel, we need to see if anyone wants to include any Tizen packages
to the recipe. If there is no requirements for it, we will not be including
Tizen packages.
Anyone wants to include anything?

Overall, if we proceed OS/Common Libs with this way, it will be pretty much
doable among Tanigawa-san, Ibe-san and Tadano-san, the biggest headache to
complete the phase 1 development can be solved.

NOW: This leaves "Multimedia subsystem" as the last piece.

Hi Paul (Sherwood):
Do you think you can you help testing Multimedia sub-system to see if we
can play videos (hw/sw codec) and sound with the current package group.

If anyone have any questions respond to this email.



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