[agl-discussions] OS/Common Libs Recipe Development

Kengo Ibe kengo.ibe at linuxfoundation.org
Tue Aug 18 04:33:58 UTC 2015

 Hi everyone

I and Tadano-san tried to sort out recipe files of OS/CommonLib layer
and check some files.
The 23 files are included in current package list as OS/Common Libs of
AGL Package Group,
but not included in the agl-image-ivi.

Then, we checked that 10 files related OS/CommonLib can be submitted
to main branch,
when these are needed.

The following are the details:

(1) Sorted out 23 files of OS/CommonLib layer
5 files: systemd related files.
Because how to handle systemd and sysvinit is under discussion, we
don't check them, yet.
7 files: Already included the agl-image-ivi, as different version or
duplicate files.
1 file: Fuse package.
It’s included in GENIVI layer and, how to handle GENIVI layer is under
We don’t check them, yet.

-> We decided to check the remaining 10 files that might be needed in future.

(2) Checked the 10 files to be included in poky
Procedure is to add package name into below recipe.

e.g. case of adding glib-networking
RDEPENDS_${PN} += "\
     glib-networking "

-> We checked that the 10 files can be added into agl-image-ivi, properly.
   When these are needed, we can submit it to main branch, smoothly.

(3) Dependency of the 10 files
We attached documents about dependency of them.

-> We think there is no complicated dependency, as of now.

best regards
Kengo Ibe

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