[agl-discussions] Potential Disagreement Between AMB and Qt 5.5.1

Vick, Matthew mvick at jaguarlandrover.com
Mon Dec 14 20:50:57 UTC 2015


As I've been developing the HVAC QML plugin, I've hit a roadblock where I
can only either access AMB's TargetTemperature property or its
FanSpeedLevel property, but never both. I am only able to read/write the
first property I access.

For those unfamiliar with AMB, properties are discovered through a Manager
object on the D-Bus to protect applications from properties moving. The
basic flow is:
1. Tell the Manager interface the object you are interested in.
2. Store/parse the response from the Manager interface to get the path to
the object. (Currently, it is of the form /(Unique
Identifier)/(Zone)/(Object), e.g. /ABCD1234/0/FanSpeedLevel.)
3. Now that you have the path, you may read/write properties within the
object as desired.

To help debug this, I wrote myself a simple Qt application that does
nothing more than read and print the AMB properties. Running this program
with Qt's D-Bus debugging functionality turned on yielded an interesting
result: it appears that Qt is failing to do the D-Bus introspection on the
second path provided. What this means is that Qt is erroring out
internally, so we cannot access more than one zone of the vehicle. Based on
what I'm seeing, my guess is that Qt is not properly parsing the full path
AMB is providing. For example, it seems to view "/ABCD1234/0" as the same
path as "/ABCD1234/5".

It appears that I can work around the problem by having my basic Qt
application call another Qt application to perform the D-Bus access. It's
hacky, but it at least seems functional.

As always, there is a chance it's just a case of PEBKAC, in which case I
welcome any and all suggestions as to what I may have overlooked. In the
interest of time for the CES demo, I'll proceed with the
application-calling-application approach, but longer term for AGL I think
we need to gain a better understanding of what's happening. Does anyone
have any ideas?



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