[agl-discussions] Meta-debian (was: SOTA)

Paul Sherwood paul.sherwood at codethink.co.uk
Fri Jun 12 14:39:41 UTC 2015

Something for the weekend, I see :-)

On 2015-06-12 14:31, Andersson, Gunnar wrote:
>>> I wonder how you conclude that this is a company strategy ("moving
>>> to").  Do you know this?  Otherwise it seems speculative 
>>> considering it's
>>> just a Github repo - this could be some R&D office investigation or 
>>> some
>>> individual's pet project, who knows?
>> Because I spoke with them after ELC and in person in Japan and asked 
>> if
>> this is going to be a product. The three developers, or two 
>> developers
>> and one manager, I spoke with stated that they intend to use this 
>> for a
>> Vehicle to Infrastructure product. They've had discussions with 
>> Debian's
>> kernel maintainer (Codethink's Ben Hutchings) who advised them on an
>> approach with regard to the long term supported Debian kernel and 
>> how to
>> engage with mainline development.

I have it on good authority (from Ben himself) that he was speaking as 
his own Ben Hutchings, not Codethink's.

> The plot thickens.  :)

Not really, given my comment above - there's no plot here :-)

> Kernel strategy is only a small aspect though, but maybe Codethink 
> has
> an interesting opinion to add overall?

As Codethink's Paul Sherwood, I could offer some opinions but I've 
elsewhere been advised as GENIVI's Paul Sherwood to 'stick to the facts'

As devcurmudgeon, the only thing I can offer off the top of my head is 
that we should stop making software integration so mindbogglingly 

I'll stay out of the detail in the rest of this email since I still 
don't understand it all so far.

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