[agl-discussions] [meta-agl] Suggestion for how to decide which packagegroup to add packages to

Jonathan Maw jonathan.maw at codethink.co.uk
Tue Sep 8 21:39:30 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I have been thinking about an issue of which packagegroup a package
needs to be added to, which became significant to me when I was looking
at OS/Common Libs.

The issue is that meta-agl has three different packagegroups related to
the OS/Common Libs subsystem:

After discussing this with Tanikawa-san and Walt during the AMM, the
solution appears to be the following:

* If the package is already included in the system via dependencies,
then you do not need to add it to any packagegroups (e.g. gstreamer is
in the multimedia packagegroup. If gstreamer depends on libc, libc does
not need to be added to OS/Common Libs)
* If the package came from Yocto (meta-ivi) or Tizen, it goes in the
packagegroup inside meta-ivi-common.
* If the package is required for the minimal image to boot, it goes in
the packagegroup inside meta-agl/recipes-core.
* If the package is required for the full image, it goes in the
packagegroup inside meta-agl/recipes-ivi.

A related issue is where to put the related .bb, .bbappend, and any
other loose files that are going into a project. If they came from Yocto
(meta-ivi) or Tizen, they should go into the meta-ivi-common layer.
Otherwise, they go in meta-agl.
For OS/Common Libs, they would probably be added to a subdirectory in
meta-agl/recipes-extended       (e.g. the "foo" project may lead to the
creation of the files meta-agl/recipes-extended/foo/foolib.bb and

Does this sound sensible, and does this sound like a good guideline for
subsystems other than OS/Common Libs?

Best regards,


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