[agl-discussions] Security Framework for AGL - Review IoT.bzh Proposal

Walt Miner wminer at linuxfoundation.org
Fri Apr 1 19:55:16 UTC 2016

One of the critical tasks to complete for the Blowfish release is to
document the AGL Security Framework. See [1] for all of the work done so
far. The next item to complete is a review of the proposal made by Fulup at
the AGL AMM. This review will be captured in Jira [2]. Please take the time
to review the proposal [3] and comment on it on this thread or in the Jira
issue [2].

Schedule for the review:
1) Comment period open - April 1
2) Comment period closed - April 15
3) Proposal along with Comments and reviewed by App FW Expert Group - April
4) Updated proposal available (if necessary) - May 4

[1] https://jira.automotivelinux.org/browse/SPEC-118
[2] https://jira.automotivelinux.org/browse/SPEC-160


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