[agl-discussions] Review of Ostro (Intel latest embedded Linux)

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Tue Apr 26 01:57:51 UTC 2016

Hi Walt, Stephane, 

Due to my flight schedule, I can't attend today's developer call,
I comment my thought about combo-layers for AGL distro here.

At first, I think 'repo' and 'git-submodule' are functionally equivalent when development of AGL distro.
Both have 
  * Keeping upstream git history for all repositories.
  * Updating done by 1 command, 'repo sync' or 'git submodule update'
  * It is easy to overlook all of the repositories in one place

Of cause, all repositories for all target boards in one place bring redundancy for some people,
e.g. if someone wants to build porter board only,  all repositories other than for porter boards are completely unnecessary.

Surely, combo-layers can combine all repositories which is minimum necessary set for a single board.
However, in order to realize it, it must manage the 'combo-layer.conf' for each individual board.

If you really want to divide the set of repository for the individual boards, 
'repo' can do it as FirefoxOS(b2g) does using '<include name="xxx.xml" />'  [1].

So far, I can't find the advantage of the combo-layer for AGL distro.

I will propose the refactoring of AGL-repo to fit well both the development and release minimum set of repository for each board.

Tadao Tanikawa

[1] https://github.com/mozilla-b2g/b2g-manifest

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> Hi Stephane,
> This is a different tangent than the previous thread.  The document alludes to some preliminary work to combine Ostro
> with AGL and has a link to the  AGL BSP Developer kit [1] document. I cannot find anything there about combining AGL with
> meta-intel-iot-security. Have you tried to build that with meta-agl and meta-ivi-common for the Renesas boards?
> When you talk about the Security Features you mention that the Ostro App FW implements many of the features and that it
> would not be reusable for AGL. In the discussion that follows it says
> Noticeable security features in Ostro could be reused in AGL:
> *	All non-necessary privileges have been removed
> *	Only system update service can write to root fs
> *	Run as non-root if possible (ambient capabilities in systemd 229)
> *	Permission checks based on Unix group membership
> Are these features implemented in the Ostro App FW or in meta-intel-iot-security or a combination?
> Regarding Combo vs. Submodules what I see is in the document and the email thread is a lot of discussion of solutions,
> but no description of the problems were are trying to solve with those solutions. If I take a stab at the problems we
> are trying to resolve. I guess we will talk some more about this at the developer call tomorrow.
> Regards,
> Walt
> [1] http://iot.bzh/en/publications/30-agl2-bsp-devkit
> On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 12:03 PM, Stephane Desneux <stephane.desneux at iot.bzh> wrote:
> 	Hi all,
> 	In order to understand what could be useful for AGL, we made a quick
> 	analysis of Ostro Project, a new embedded Linux by Intel.
> 	As you may know, Intel published last month a pre-release of their
> 	latest IoT OS named Ostro OS [1]. As AGL, this OS is based on
> 	Yocto/Poky/OpenEmbedded and reuses some security mechanisms used in Tizen.
> 	You may find here [2] the document we published: it gives a quick
> 	analysis of the distribution to determine the models and components that
> 	could be reused in AGL.
> 	It appears from our review that Intel had few nice ideas that could be
> 	very useful for AGL: we hope that this will lead to constructive
> 	discussions in expert groups.
> 	Happy reading !
> 	Stéphane
> 	[1] https://github.com/ostroproject/ostro-os/releases
> 	[2] http://iot.bzh/en/publications/31-ostro-project-analysis
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