[agl-discussions] [RFC] Development / Gerrit Workflow tuning

Jan-Simon Möller jsmoeller at linuxfoundation.org
Wed Feb 7 15:07:57 UTC 2018

Hi all !

As a follow-up of today's SAT call we'd like to gather your feedback about the 
current gerrit workflow and how we can improve it.

Please reply with your thoughts:
- what is working good and should be kept as-is ?
- what is slowing us down ?
- what else would you change ?

For the next development cycle, we'd like to gather your feedback on the 
proposed adaptations for the gerrit process:

- We want to increase the number of maintainers with merge access to
  avoid bottlenecks and speed-up the flow of code.
- Each profile (IVI, telematics, core) would have a set of maintainers (>=3)
- src / staging would have a set of maintainers (>=5) 
- Maintainers would be nominated by the community and approved by SAT
- Maintainers get +2 and merge rights in gerrit
- gerrit will be adapted to:
-- ignore the vote of the submitter/owner of the patch (no vote on own patch)
-- votes become additive  (e.g.  +2 & +2 = +4)
   --- e.g. a +4 is required for merge  
   --- up for discussion 
       --- if +2  [=1*+2 merger review or as option 2*+1 normal reviews]
       --- or +4 [= 2*+2 merger review or as option 4*+1 normal reviews]
-- all src / staging repos need to go through gerrit reviews going forward
    (no more direct push)

Please tell us your thoughts about the above questions and the proposal.


Best regards,

Jan-Simon Möller
AGL Release Manager

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