[agl-discussions] Prerelease build automated testing for FF 6.0.1

Jan-Simon Möller jsmoeller at linuxfoundation.org
Sat Oct 13 12:54:21 UTC 2018

Hi all !

We ran a few testruns for the new prerelease build of FF 6.0.1 through lava.

* Job timeouts are too small and cause failures 
  - Fixed in future jobs by https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/17199
* m3ulcb: reproducible kernel stacktraces in smack ptest
  - https://lava.automotivelinux.org/scheduler/job/821#L2373
  - filed: https://jira.automotivelinux.org/browse/SPEC-1813
* vayu: looks good, need to eval ptest results
  - https://lava.automotivelinux.org/results/823
* rpi3: weston fails due to know issue with netboot and dtb/dtbo not being 
  - related workaround https://jira.automotivelinux.org/browse/SPEC-1779
* qemux86-64: 
  - long execution times, need to extend timeouts
  - https://lava.automotivelinux.org/scheduler/job/854

Results are below:
m3ulcb:		https://lava.automotivelinux.org/results/820
vayu:			https://lava.automotivelinux.org/results/823
qemux86-64:	https://lava.automotivelinux.org/results/850
rpi3:			https://lava.automotivelinux.org/results/824

All lava jobs for 6.0.1:

Best regards,
Jan-Simon Möller

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