[Bitcoin-development] Fwd: [BIP 15] Aliases

Amir Taaki zgenjix at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 13 00:42:26 UTC 2011

> I'm confused about the problem we're trying to solve.

I was in brmlab and wanted to pay 1 BTC for a Club Mate. They had on the wall a picture of their QR code and a bitcoin address. I don't own a mobile phone so the QR code is 
useless. Then I remembered FirstBits, went to my terminal and typed 
1brmlab. I got their bitcoin address from the website and copied that, 
then opened my terminal and pasted that in to send 1 BTC.

these proposals for Namecoin, would make bitcoin implementations 
dependent on unproven technology. HTTPS/DNSSEC have been around a long 
time and are responsible for many mission critical systems. There's a 
lot of momentum behind those projects. Namecoin by contrast, could die 
tomorrow. And it isn't a big deal that they're centralised. This is a 
convenience for end users and does not affect the core system much.

tl;dr: usability

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