[Bitcoin-development] [BIP 15] Aliases

Jorge Timón timon.elviejo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 07:41:48 UTC 2011

I didn't thought about firstbits scalability, but the "registering
crap" and squatting arguments don't apply to green addresses because
no one wants fancy or easy to memorize names there. Is just a way to
make the bitcoin addresses shorter in the green addresses protocol to
be able to have various of them in the same QR-code.

I see, the point is to be able to type the alias directly into the client.

I like the DNS proposal. This would allow for both well known working
centralized technology and namecoin (not proven, but decentralized)
options to be used.

2011/12/13, theymos <theymos at mm.st>:
> I like the user at server.com model. The protocol should be done entirely
> in DNS, though, not using HTTP connections to the server. Then the
> protocol can easily be used with Namecoin or other DNS
> replacements/enhancements later. Crypto to prevent MITM attacks can be
> an optional part of the protocol.
> Almost all users will be unable to set up *any* always-on Internet
> service to answer queries, so I'm not too concerned about how easy it is
> to set up the server software.
> I agree that FirstBits is bad for this. Unlike DNS, "registrations" last
> forever because private keys can't be transferred safely. All short
> names will be taken quickly. It will also be very expensive for clients
> to query this themselves.
> The CA model is broken and it should never be used by Bitcoin.
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Jorge Timón

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