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Amir Taaki zgenjix at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 13 15:46:48 UTC 2011

Maybe I wasn't clear enough in the document, but this is the intent with the HTTPS proposal.

genjix at foo.org

Contacts https://foo.org/bitcoin-alias/?handle=genjix and the system responds with a bitcoin address. Whether the system gives you a new address from a pool of addresses, or contacts the merchant behind the scenes is implementation defined.

I'll clarify it later. This is the relevant line:

string strRequestUrl = strDomain + "/bitcoin-alias/?handle=" + pszEncodedNick;

Between HTTPS service and server service, I lean slightly towards HTTPS (automatic encrypted connection, CAs + all benefits of DNS). But still interested in arguments in favour of a server service (daemon answering queries).

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I agree with Mike Hearn and Christian Decker-- paying to
'somebody at foo.com' should become, behind the scenes, a HTTPS query to
https://foo.com/something. If you just want to (say) donate to
eff.org, then paying to '@eff.org' aught to work nicely.

And if namecoin ever takes off you'll pay to 'somebody at foo.bit'.

It seems to me that if it was DNS-based, the address should be
something like 'somebody.bitcoin.foo.com'. But I think it is unlikely
people will setup and run a custom DNS server just to support bitcoin

Gavin Andresen

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